Simon Duckworth OBE DL

The Lieutenancies

The post of Lord-Lieutenant of a county or major city is an honorary but significant appointment, whose origin dates back to King Henry VIII. A Lord-Lieutenant's responsibilities are wide ranging, and to assist him in these he may appoint a Vice Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants. The size and complexity of Greater London has resulted in some specific arrangements for its Lieutenancy.

Uniquely, the City of London stands apart from Greater London in this respect, having neither Lord Lieutenant not Deputy Lieutenants. In their place, a Commission of Lieutenancy acts on behalf of the Sovereign in areas where a Lord Lieutenant would normally operate. Each year, on Christmas Day, The Queen appoints an additional Lieutenant for the City of London. He or she holds that appointment until death, and so the number of Lieutenants in the City of London varies from year to year. Currently there are 29 Lieutenants and a number of ex officio appointments including The Lord Mayor for the time being, the Recorder of London and the Governor of the Bank of England. The work of the City's Lieutenancy is administered by a Clerk and supervised by a Standing Committee of seven Lieutenants. Simon was appointed as a Lieutenant in 2010 and has been a member of its Standing Committee since 2011.

In other Lieutenancies, Deputy Lieutenants (DL) are appointed by the Lord-Lieutenant to assist him in his duties, and at present there are some 90 DLs in the Greater London Lieutenancy. They must live within Greater London, or within seven miles of the boundary. Their appointment does not terminate with the changing of the Lord-Lieutenant, but by statute they too retire at age 75. The current Lord Lieutenant of Greater London is Sir David Brewer CMG, a former Lord Mayor of London.

DLs are distinguished residents who either have served the local community, or have a history of service in other fields. In particular, DLs should be people well-known in their locality for the service they have or are giving through public life, charitable activity, voluntary service or the uniformed services. The overall aim is that within each county or area, DLs should be widely representative of the area's life in social range, gender, community background, ethnic mix and service to the community. They may represent the Lord-Lieutenant at local ceremonies and official events in his (or her) absence. Simon was appointed as one of the Deputy Lieutenants for Greater London in 2008.